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Loyalty & Referral Program

Having great relationships with loyal (& Awesome) clients who share their experiences with their business associates, family and friends has had an amazing impact on my business. I have watched my dream of building Cassey's Designs into a career transform from a dream to reality. To show my gratitude, I have developed a loyalty and referral rewards program to give back to my clients!

Work with

Share your designs with people you know! Tell them how to find Cassey's Designs.

They inform me you referred them.

They complete a qualifiying design project with Cassey!

You Earn


Who can earn rewards?

Any client of Cassey's Designs, if you have worked with Cassey on a design project then you can earn rewards points.

How the program works :

Tell your business associates, partners, family, friends and social contacts about your experience working with Cassey and show off your new design(s). Then, tell them why you recommend Cassey's Designs and how to contact Cassey to get started with their design project. Once their project is completed, you earn reward points*. When you are ready to start your next project, you can convert your points into discounts towards your total project costs*.

*Some conditions apply. Review Loyalty & Referral Rewards Program Terms for more detailed information.


Rewards Points

This symbol ~ ~ represensts a point.

Rewards points are earned as follows :

x 8 for projects consisting of a New Website & Blog Design with 3 or more Branding Services.

x 5 for projects consisting of a New Website & Blog Design.

x 3 for projects consisting of a New Website or Blog Design.

x 2 for projects consisting of a Re-Design of a Website and/or Blog.

x 2 for projects consisting of 4 or more Branding Services.

x 1 for projects consisting of a New Logo Design.

1 Point = 1% Discount

Each point is equal to a one percent discount. So, 5 points is equal to a 5% discount. See below for details on using your points.


Loyalty & Referral Rewards Program Terms

This section outlines when and how you can use your points, qualifications of earning points, and keeping track of your points.

1. Using your points

a. You can use your points towards any new project with Cassey's Designs. There are no qualifications or specific types of projects. If you would like to use all of your points for a discount on a facebook cover design you can do so. It is highly recommend to save your points for larger projects to increase their value.

b. There are limits to the monetary value that can be discounted from a single project. The limitations are outlines as follows :

  • For projects equal to or less than $800.00 you can use up to 10 points.
  • For projects greater than $800.00 your discount total can not exceed $100.00.

c. You may only use your avaliable points for discounts. Anticipated points for projects that are currently open do not become avaliable until your referees project is complete and paid in full.

2. Qualifications for earning points

a. You only earn points for New Client referrals. You will not gain any points for referring someone who has already worked with or is currently working with Cassey's Designs.

b. New Clients must provide your name as their referrer before their project is booked in order for you to earn rewards from their project. Don't worry, all new clients are asked who referred them via their contact form or during their initial consultation.

c. You only earn points from the first project your referee completes with Cassey's Designs. No points will be awarded for additional, add-on, follow up or any other type of project following the completion of your referees first project.

3. Points Records & Perks

a. You are not responsible for keeping track of your points, however you may do so. If you would like to keep your own records you will need to follow the progress of your referees projects and confirm with me the amount of rewarded points upon the completion of said projects.

b. Cassey's Designs is responsible for keeping track of all avaliable, anticipated and used points from the origination date of this program (July 5th, 2014). To ensure that points you have earned between January 01, 2014 and July 05, 2014 are added to your record you are advised to contact Cassey with your referees names for verification. Once verified those points will be added to your avaliable points.

c. Once you have refered a total or 10 clients or earned at least 25 points you will have access to your points via a client profile on Cassey's Designs website. On your profile you will see your used, anticipated and avaliable points as well as some other calculations you may find intersting. You will also see all of your previous projects with Cassey's Designs and links to download files for those projects when applicable.