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Website Addons

Responsive Design & Development

This page is for Add-ons, Please visit My Services to view packages and programs for new website and branding development.

Web Foundation

Every New Site Design by Cassey includes :

  • Content Management System
  • Design Management System - Responsive
  • Custom Design - Brand Specific
  • Header, Footer & Sidebar Design
  • Custom Icons
  • Standard Navigation
  • Basic Seo
  • Backup System Integration

Features & Add-ons

Every feature or add-on you purchase with a New Web Design adds a 1% discount (up to 10% total) off your package costs.

Layout and Navigation

Spice up how your content is displayed and found with these nifty feature options.

Accordion Sets

Custom Post Type

Accordions are great for breaking up large sections of information that is viewed in a progressive manner. The content in accordions is created and edited just like a blog post, and can be re-ordered.

Uses :

  • FAQ Pages
  • Training Modules
  • Resource Libraries
  • Displaying Multiple Sales in a small area
  • Anywhere you want your users to have the option to only view content they are interested in that relates to a singular topic

Options :

  • Custom Styling that fits Your Site/Blog
  • Multiple Accordion Items per Set
  • Single or Multiple Accordion Sets per page
  • Various Styles for distinguishing seperate sets
  • Various Accordion Actions – First accordion opened or closed on page load, collapse or keep open upon new viewing, etc…
  • Reorder accordion items
  • Scroll page to start of open accordion

$25 * +tax for first accordion set

$10 * +tax for each additional set
*content input not included

Page Scroll Menu

Single Page Navigation

Do you have alot of content that you want to display on a single page? (Like this one…) Unending scrolling can annoy your visitors and be a deciding factor for them to leave your site. Page Scrolling Anchors can make long page easier to navigate and a more enjoyable experience.

Options :

  • Custom Styled Menu
  • Multiple Anchor Points throught the page
  • Regular Menu that Jumps to Fixed upon scrolling so its always accessible
  • Horizonal Scrolling – currently not supporting vertical scrolling

Starting at $25 +tax per selected page

Mega Menu

High content sites can become difficult to navigate without proper menu structing. Mega menus allow for multi-level and multi-column structing of your pages, posts and other links. This type of menu also has the flexibilty to include images, maps and other media to add a creative and interesting edge to your site navigation.

Options :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Single Column Dropdowns
  • Multi-Column Dropdowns
  • Description Options for Menu Items
  • Images
  • Google Maps
  • Widgets
  • Custom Styling to fit your site

Starting at $75 +tax

Fixed Top Bar

Do you have a message you want to get accross quickly and need to make sure your vistors can see it no matter where they are at? The quick cta bar at the top of your website can be used to accomplish this and various other call to action cases or to ensure that your menu is always avaliable.

Uses :

  • Call to Action short message with a link/button to a specific page on your site
  • Call to Action short message with a link/button to a page on another site
  • Get Subscribers for Aweber, Campaign Monitor or MailChimp.
  • Display social network like or follow buttons
  • Display Messages for New Content or Products
  • Primary Navigation Menu

Options :

  • Sitewide : Appears on every page of your site.
  • Local : Appears on selected pages of your site.

$25 +tax



Collect info from your business team, clients and visitors and recieve the data via email in easy to read formating.

Standard Contact Form

The standard contact form submits user information to your email with the name of the user and the form name as the subject. This form can also send a confirmation email to the user with a list of the information they provided to you.
Includes :

  • Name Fields
  • Email Field
  • Phone Field
  • Message Field
  • Spam Question
  • Submit Button

$35 +tax


Need a standard form to collect more than just contact information? This is the option for you…
Includes :

  • Up to 15 fields
  • Various list styles : radio, checkboxes, dropdowns, multi-select
  • File upload fields
  • Advanced styling of form

First form $55 +tax & $30 +tax per additional form with same styling


Want to be able to accept applications on your site. This is the perfect option for you. Gather the information you need with easy to navigate forms that also send the field responses to your applicant for their records.
Includes :

  • Multiple Pages for section based information gathering
  • Allow applicants to save their forms
  • Conditional Fields Included
  • Various list styles : radio, checkboxes, dropdowns, multi-select
  • Resume upload field
  • Up to 50 fields
  • Advanced styling of form

First application $75 +tax & $40 +tax per additional application with same styling

Training Modules Completion Form

Coming Soon!

Multi-Page Form Feature

The multi-page form feature allows you to break up long forms into multiple pages, sections, parts etc… You can optionally use a progress bar, breadcrumb links, and or previous next buttons to give your users navigation and progress options.
Includes :

  • Progress Bar
  • Breadcrumb Page Titles
  • Previous & Next Buttons
  • Confirmation page for review of all fields before submitting
  • Hide & Show whole pages with Conditional Fields Feature

Add to unlimited forms on your site for $35 +tax

Conditional Fields

Turn your forms into “smart” forms with conditional fields. With conditional statments we can show and hide fields, text, images and pages (when used with multipage option) of your form based on user input. Try it in the demo form!!
Includes :

  • Reactive form options based on user selections and input
  • Show and hide pages, fields and other elements
  • Change values based on input

$15 – $50 +tax per form / dependent on complexity of conditions needed.

File Upload Capability

Insert file upload fields into your forms giving your users the ability to submit images, documents, videos and or other media.
Includes :

  • Ability to upload images, docs, audio or video files, or anything else you may need
  • Filter files based on name, extension, form, or date submitted to locate the exact files you are looking for
  • Send files as attachments to site adminstrators and or specific emails
  • Allow single or multiple uploads per field
  • Add multiple upload fields per form
  • Determine allowed upload file types

Add to unlimited forms on your site for $25 +tax

Advanced Form Styling

Dress up your forms to fit your site. Advanced styling not only allows for unique layouts and the addition of images, it also allows for custom buttons, fonts, colors and other visual styles to make your form stand out or fit perfectly with your design.
Includes :

  • Field Layout – Multiple Fields on one line
  • Custom Colors – Required Symbols, Error Messages, Labels, Buttons, Borders, etc…
  • Graphic backgrounds and or borders
  • Custom buttons
  • Text weight and font options

Add to unlimited forms on your site for $40 +tax


Add-on Pages

Additional page options if the standard pages just don't include everything you need...

Landing Page

A landing page, often referred to as a lead capture page, can be your website home page or a sales page that is linked to from external sources (such as social media) and provides detailed information for the advertisment, external link, or search result. Landing pages are a great way to provide specific pointed information with call to action text and links throughout.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Clear and Consise Headlines
  • Testimonials
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • Newsletter Optin Option

Starting at $125 +tax

Team/Affilates Page

Whether you lead a team, work with a team or partner with related businesses this is a great way to show off who you are in business with.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • 1 Photo per Profile
  • Linkable Business or Person Name
  • Business Tagline or Teammate Title
  • Breif Bio Section (20 -180 words per)
  • Social Linking to Dribble, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr per Profile
  • Profile Information and Image Upload Form for Teammates or Affilates with Profile Upload to Page for 3 Months Free – Perfect for Growing Teams
  • Unlimited Number of Profiles per Page

$130 +tax per page

Testimonials Page

Potential Clients and Customers alike love to hear what your previous and current customers have to say. Feature testimonials and success stories in a custom styled page with or without review ratings.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Unlimited Layout Options
  • Photo Testimonials Optional
  • Linkable Testimonials Optional
  • Unique Citation Font
  • Include Dates Optional
  • 5 Star Rating Optional
  • Up to 12 Testimonials per Page

$60 +tax per page

Training Modules

Training Modules are excellent if you are offering progress based training to your users. These modules are designed to work with multiple timeframes, ie.. daily or weekly breakdowns and can feature at your own pace tracking via the “Training Module Completion Form Add-on”

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • 1 Accordion Set Per
  • Up to 7 Sections per Module
  • Includes Content Breakdown & Input
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • Up to 5 Videos Embedded per Module

Starting at $40 +tax per module

Sales Page

This type of page is for one service or product. Display features, give details, share testimonials, offer special deals and give your user a call to action to enlist your services, sign up for your promotion or purchase your product.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Unlimited Layout Options
  • Call to action graphics
  • Product Graphics based on provided images
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • Up to 2 Videos Embedded

Starting at $65 +tax per page

Product Page

This type of sales page is to display multiple products or services of one type. For example : This page is a very long and detailed services page for web design services. If you are selling workout program challenge packs, you could feature each program as a product on this page and then have a detailed sales page providing all of the details for each.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • Image Alterations for each Product Image
  • Price Display Optional
  • Sales Page Link
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • Up to 30 Products per page

Starting at $65 +tax per page

About Page

Tell your viewers a bit about who you are and why you do what you do with a custom about page. Don’t forget you need pictures either of your or your business so be sure to book that photographer if you haven’t already.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Unlimited Layout Options
  • Photo Alterations
  • Content Breakdown & Styling
  • Unique Fonts for Hghlighting
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • 1-2 Embedded Videos

Starting at $50 +tax

Faq Page

Organize your most frequently asked questions and need to know facts in a custom faq page. For larger faq pages consider coupling this page with the page scrolling add-on to ensure user friendliness.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • 3 Accordion Sets
  • Sidebar Optional
  • Includes Content Breakdown & Input
  • Custom Styling to fit your site
  • Video Embedding Included
  • 25 Facts and Questions/Answers

$65 +tax

Static Page

This option is for all your other custom page needs not already featured. Static Pages refer to pages that contain set content that does not change on a regular basis. For example : Terms, Disclaimer and My Training are examples of static pages. If your static pages contain an unusually high amount of content additional charges may apply.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Layout Options
  • Includes Content Breakdown & Input
  • Custom Styling to fit your site

Starting at $40 +tax per page


Galleries & Image Sliders

Whether you want to display your post in a unique way, show off your portfolio or add movement to your home page there is an option here for you!

Image Gallery
Standard Image Slider

This image slider is a great option for displaying images in a slideshow fashion anywhere on your site.

Includes :

  • Responsive Design
  • Content or Column Width
  • Any Photo/Image Dimensions
  • Linkable Slides
  • Add Text to the Bottom of the Slides
  • Up to 10 Image Slides

$30 +tax

Post Gallery
Full Width Image Slider

Make a big impression with an image slider spanning the full width of any device. This responsive slider is perfect for display images and text, and you can add multiple links per slide.

Includes :

  • Responsive Design
  • Full Width of Browser
  • Control Speed of Slide Transition
  • Multiple Transition Options
  • Title and Subtitle Style Text
  • Up to 2 link buttons per slide
  • Determine Slider Height
  • Video Background Option (addt’l $20 per slide w/option)
  • Up to 5 Image Slides

$60 +tax


Portfolios are the standard if you have work that you have done and want to show it off. Not only can you display images but you can add in detailed descriptions, information and or profiles for the clients you did the work for, dates and any other information you need or want to.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Unlimited Layout Options
  • Image Display
  • Detailed Descriptions
  • Client Information and or Images
  • Project/Job Date
  • Number of Showcases per Page dependent on Layout and Design

Single Section Folio $85 +tax for 1st page,
$40 +tax per additional page
Multiple Section Folio $95 +tax for 1st section,
$60 =tax for 1st page in each addt’l section,
$40 +tax per addt’l page in any section

Animated Image Slider

This slider adds that WOW factor to your content. Add dynamic post content, multi-layered time delay animated slide shows, sales banner slide shows and more with this full feature animated slider. This option is supported in all major browsers, is mobile friendly and responsize so that it looks great on all devices.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Mobile Friendly with Touch Navigation
  • Animated Elements
  • 2D and or 3D Transitions
  • Video Embedding
  • Parallex Effects on Mouse Over
  • Dynamically Feature Posts and Pages
  • Independent Timing & Transitions per slide
  • Multiple Layers per Slide

Starting at $100 +tax


Administrative Add-ons

These features are for backing up, analyzing and controling the content and traffic on your site and automating repetitive tasks. These features do not impact the design of your site but instead target the functionality and effectiveness.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you insights you can turn into real results: from choosing the right benchmarks and content to testing channel and campaign performance. This option allows you to display detailed analytics info and statistics about: number of visits, number of visitors, bounce rates, organic searches, and pages per visit directly on your Administration Dashboard.

Options :

  • Classic or Universal Analytics
  • Analytics Widget on Dashboard
  • Access Analytics for All Websites on Connected Google Account
  • Real Time Stats
  • Traffic Overview in Pie Charts
  • Geographical Maps
  • Track Downloads, Emails and Outbound Links
  • and much more…

If you don’t have a google analytics account set up let me know and I can point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. I can set it up for you at an additional cost. I will need access to your account to intergrate your analytics either way.

$30 – $50 +tax

JetPack Integration

JetPack is a combination of over 30 features created by These features do work by connecting your account to your website.

A Few of the Feature Options :

  • Stats: Monitor your stats with clear, concise reports and no additional load on your server.
  • Comments: Give your readers the ability to comment using their, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.
  • Gravatar Hovercards: Show a pop-up business card of your users’ Gravatar profiles in comments.
  • Publicize: Publicize makes it easy to share your site’s posts on several social media networks automatically when you publish a new post.
  • and much more…

You do not have to have all of the options activated if you decide to use this option. For more details visit

$25 – $100 +tax

Membership Access

Do you have content that you want to show only to logged in members? Do you want to offer paid subscriptions? Lets discuss your needs and develop a structure that suits your needs.

A Few of the Feature Options :

  • Membership Levels
  • Free and or Paid Subscriptions
  • Various Renewal Options
  • Restrict Access to Entire Site or Specific Content
  • Registration by Invitation or Signup Code Only Option

This feature can require a good amount of time to set up depending on the complexity of your structure plan. Timely communication is vital during development of this feature.

Starting at $100 +tax


Blog Features & Add-ons

Dress up your blog with advanced styles and add-ons or add a blog to your existing site.

Advanced Blog Design

The interaction blogging enables between writer and reader is unprecedented and should be taken advantage of if you enjoy writing. This package includes everything you need to start blogging and building your audience.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Thumbnail Options for Featured Images
  • Custom Read More Buttons/Links
  • Various Excerpt Settings
  • Standard Set Up for Blog Posts
  • Blog Navigation : Categories, Popular, Recent, Tags, Archives, Between Posts, Search, Newer and Older
  • Blog Subscription Opt-ins
  • Comment Setup
  • Comment Entry Design
  • Top Level & Nested Comments Design

This add-on is for sites designed by Cassey’s Designs. This add-on is NOT applicable with WordPress sites that have a theme installed.

Starting at $175 +tax

Featured Post Display

(Only Applicable with Website Options)

This option is for use with Websites that include a blog. This add-on allows you to display various post types on your homepage with featured images and content info, great for driving new traffic to your blog.

Includes :

  • Responsive Layout
  • Various Thumbnail Options for Featured Images
  • Custom Meta Data (ie. post date, post category, post author, post time etc….)
  • Show/Hide Post Title
  • Show/Hide Post Excerpt
  • Like Counter (optional)
  • Set number of posts to show and load (number shown will vary depending on device type)
  • Custom Section Title
  • Scroll Nav (optional)
  • Compatiable with Custom Post Types and Meta Keys / Values

$35 +tax


Graphic Add-ons

Powerful graphics can not only increase your business reputation and make your site visually more appealing, but they can also help you drive your traffic to your desired destinations.

Custom Icon Design

Call to Action Graphics

You can turn any element into a link, text is no exception. But a Call to Action grabs attention and increases clicks while text links blend in and get over-looked.

Uses :

  • Promote a special offer
  • Offer an incentive for opt-ins
  • Highlight Value in a product or service
  • Guide your visitors to a place of your choosing

Options :

  • Single or Multiple use Ad.
  • “New” Graphic
  • 3d Button
  • Image with Text Button
  • Sign up Buttons
  • Pricing Buttons/Add to Cart
  • Free Trial Bubble
  • etc…

Starting at $25 +tax


Social Media Profile Covers & Backgrounds


Re-Design Elements

These are some sections that constantly are re-designed or updated. After a while even the best designs become outdated or we just get bored with them. *For complete redesigns check the "Redesign Existing Site" box when building your package.

Custom Header

Your header is the first and therefore the most viewed section on your website, and its global so its seen everytime your users navigate to any page on your site. Make it stand out with the content, layout and styles that capture your audience and promote your goals!

Options :

  • Logo
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Social Media Icons
  • Site Navigation
  • Images
  • Call to Action Button(s)
  • Qualification Details
  • Have another idea? Let’s hear it!

Starting at $75 +tax

Custom Sidebar

Sidebars are a great place to put your additional navigation, promotions, eye-catching images, forms and more. Default settings for sidebars look okay, but adding that extra flare and your brands touch can really bring the content here alive and increase effectiveness.

Options :

  • Custom Styling for the whole element
  • Custom Styling for individual elements
  • Call to Action Images and/or buttons
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Latest and Popular Posts Lists, Comments List, and Tags Tabbed Section
  • Breif Bio with Image
  • Social Network Widgets, ie.. Facebook Like Box, Instagram or Twitter Feeds etc..
  • Have another idea? Let’s hear it!

Starting at $55 +tax

Custom Footer

External Services

These are a few commonly requested external service integrations... If you have another service or add-on you would like to incorporate into your site please check other on the external section when building your package and list the names of the services.

vCita Pop-up

A popularly requested external service for adding a popup contact form in the lower right corner of your website.

What I do :

  • Install & Set vCita on your site
  • Style and Configure your popup form
  • Style and Configure your vCita profile
  • **If you purchase a plan that includes branding** Add your branding to all applicable features.

External Pricing :

  • Free Plan : Includes – Customized Web Integration, Taste of Client Scheduling, Basic Invoicing $Free
  • Starter Plan : Includes – Your choice of Lead & Client Management,
    Scheduling or Invoicing $9.95/mo
  • Ultimate Plan : Includes – Full Customization & Branding, Contact Management & Clients Archive, Most Efficient Client Scheduling, Professional Invoicing & Tracking $19.90/mo
  • Team Plan : Includes – Manage Your Staff Members, Company Branding and Customization, Distribute Client Requests, Manage Team Profiles, Calendars & Services List $34.90/mo for 3 accounts +$9.99 per additional account.

Options :

  • Sitewide Popup : Appears on every page of your site.
  • Access account from any device
  • Collect Contact Information
  • Allow users to Schedule/Re-Schedule Appointments
  • Stay in-sync with your calendars – Outlook, Google, iCal and more
  • Send Invoices and accept payments with convenient credit card payment options
  • Check out for more information.

$35 – $50 +tax


Newsletter Service Integration - Signup Form

Newsletter Template Design


- Multiple Locations/Markers

Sharebar Integration


Upcoming Feature

Built in Local Social Network & Forum on Your Website